Robert Anderson

For me, yoga begins anew each time we step on our mat.  When we stretch and strengthen our bodies and minds, we become aware of new possibilities and, perhaps most importantly, learn to gratefully accept who and where we are: right-here, right-now.

I teach kids because — kids… laughter, play and pure present moment enjoyment.

I teach adults because those kids are in there.  Eventually, as adults begin to regain strength and flexibility those kids may poke their heads out for a look at what’s going on.  That’s when yoga becomes fun, as it stays profound, and the adventure is truly underway.

I’ve practiced alignment-based yoga for many decades.  I’m an RYT 200 instructor, credentialed at Ramapo College.  While I’m a stickler for the precision and rigors of safe alignment, each class is grounded in a gentler, more therapeutically-oriented practice.  My seated meditation practice is continuous since the mid-1990’s.  I taught swimming for Operation Head Start and for many years directed plays and taught acting, movement and voice in NYC.  I have a BA in Philosophy (C.U.S.U.E.B).  Both my kids are yoginis, dancers and daily meditators.

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