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Love Purple Mat Yoga, love our instructor, Odalis!
Her light, fun, outgoing spirit and knowledge of yoga makes this class always interesting and fun. It's a great way to strengthen yourself and at the same time find relaxation. Love it!

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"I've been doing yoga with Odalis since the very beginning of "Purple Mat Yoga" in Northvale. I keep taking her classes because she is not only an excellent and supportive teacher, but also because the sense of community and friendship she has established is something I value.

All the way from Sun Salutation to Shavasana her classes are a real treat. Feel free to set your intention toward your body and mind wellbeing and enjoy a new lifestyle without regrets."
Love, Light, and Gratitude,

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Aside from Odalis being so personable and caring her classes are very diverse. You can start at an easy level in chair or slow move yoga and work your way up to a fast paced, fun loving dance class of masala bhangra!! You have to try it!