Odalis Recchia

Odalis Recchia teaches Hatha Yoga and while she draws inspiration and techniques from all yoga traditions, the core of her practice is based on the teachings of Indian yoga guru Sri Krishnamacharya who advocated the gentle principles of repetition and stay versus static poses; in addition, she also follows his philosophy that yoga must be taught in a way which benefits the individual student and not the desires of the yoga teacher.

Odalis started practicing yoga for her own well being. After several years of study and practice and seeing the positive changes in her own physical and mental well-being, she decided to become a certified yoga teacher so she could share the benefits of this ancient health-giving practice with others through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation.

With a background as a medical assistant and a personal trainer, she combines the physical aspects of yoga with its philosophical elements in order to help people achieve a more dynamic state of health in both body and mind.

She enjoys incorporating aromatherapy and music into her classes.  She also enjoys sharing the benefits of Thai yoga massage with her clients. In addition to her work in the studio, she likes to take her energy from the yoga mat into the world through charity. One of her ways of “giving back” to the community is by providing free yoga classes to all veterans of any branch of the military.

Odalis graduated from Ramapo College’s Yoga Certification Program, and from the Young Mountain Children’s Yoga Program. She is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher for both children and adults (200 hours RYT and 95 hours CRYT). She continues to develop as a yoga teacher by regularly attending seminars and workshops.

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